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Sun Dance Chief Rueben George of the Tsleil-­Waututh Nation

Chief Rueben George is a member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN). After serving his nation as Director of Community Development, he shifted his focus to protecting Burrard Inlet, traditional Tsleil-Waututh territory, from the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project as part of the TWN Sacred Trust Initiative.

Rueben George is also a spiritual leader and was made a Sun Dance Chief by Chief Leonard Crow Dog in South Dakota, former medicine man for the American Indian movement, sometimes called “Chief of Chiefs.” Rueben has become one of the best known voices in the media locally and internationally in the conversation about the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline and other related issues.ional Territory of the Tsliel-­Waututh Nation. This pipeline route is currently the only way this dirty oil from the Alberta Tar Sands is making its way from Canada to new markets in China and the Pacific  region. This fight has significant  implications for Indigenous global sovereignty, climate change and the future of the global oil economy! As Chief Rueben always says, “The roots of who we are, are stronger than anything we have been through or will go through in the future!”

An Indigenous community organizer and spiritual leader. He is the grandson of Chief Dan George, the Oscar nominated and universally respected First Nations spiritual leader. Rueben started his career by founding and creating Dukes Youth Healing Centre 19 years ago. The foundation for his success in his work is his culture and spirituality.  Based on the teachings of his elders, Rueben created a reference library of successful psychological healing programs and translated them into First Nation’s culture and spirituality. As well as being a Sun Dance Chief Pipe Carrier and sweat lodge leader, Rueben is an active participant in his Coast Salish Winter Spirit Dancing Ceremony.
Rueben has worked across Canada and the United States facilitating workshops on healing and wellness.  In his present position as director of community development for the Tsliel-Waututh Nation, Rueben oversees the education, social services, employment and training, youth and Elders programs, family support programs and the Tsliel Waututh Nation Daycare / Early Childhood Learning Centre. On behalf of his First Nation, Chief Rueben is co-­coordinating the fight against the Kinder Morgan proposed tar sands oil pipeline and tanker expansion into Vancouver Harbour, the unceded Traditional Territory of the Tsliel-­Waututh Nation. This pipeline route is currently the only way this dirty oil from the Alberta Tar Sands is making its way from Canada to new markets in China and the Pacific  region. This fight has significant  implications for Indigenous global sovereignty, climate change and the future of the global oil economy! He states: “The roots of who we are, are stronger than anything we have been through or will go through in the future!”

Information about Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion:

Donate to help stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline, Sacred Trust:


Archdruid Dana O’Driscoll

Dana O'Driscoll spent most of her childhood in the wooded hills of the Laurel Highland region of Pennsylvania, making mud pies, building brush cabins, and eating berries. Thankfully, little has changed, and she can still be found searching out tasty mushrooms, gathering herbs, and playing her panflute for the trees. Dana enjoys various kinds of wildcrafting, earth skills, and natural arts and is often covered with paint, dirt, or both. She is a certified permaculture designer and is working towards a more resilient, self-sufficient lifestyle through beekeeping, perennial agriculture, animal husbandry, food preservation, herbalism, and natural building. She also serves as a community organizer to promote sustainable education, food security, and community empowerment using permaculture methods.

Dana joined the AODA in 2007 and, after completing her first and second degrees, earned the degree of Druid Adept in 2013. Her Druid Adept project explored connections between permaculture and druidry.  She has since completed the degrees of Bardic Adept (2017) and Ovate Adept (2020), making her the first Ollave Adept in AODA. She joined the Grand Grove in 2014 as Grand Pendragon and became an Archdruid in 2015. At the Fall Equinox in 2019, she stepped into the role of Grand Archdruid. She served as Chief Editor of Trilithon: The Journal of the Ancient Order of Druids in America for the first four issues. She is also a Druid-grade member in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and was chosen as the 18th Mount Haemus Scholar by OBOD for her work, “Channeling the Awen Within: An Exploration of Learning the Bardic Arts in the Modern Druid Tradition.” Dana holds a Bachelors Degree in English, a Masters Degree in Linguistics, and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition, and by day, enjoys her job as a university professor. Dana is the illustrator and author of the Tarot of Trees( and the Plant Spirit Oracle ( Her writings on druidry and sustainability can be found at The Druid’s Garden (

Outline of Mountains
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Les Malbon

My name is Les Malbon. I am of Scottish, English, Irish, and Scandinavian descent. I am of the Patterson clan. I live, work and play in the Snuneymuxw  First Nations territory.  I am a professor in the Kinesiology department at Vancouver Island University. My core teaching concentrations are Human Wellness, Health of the Human Spirit, Nature and Health, and Nutrition and Local Food Systems.
 At the heart of my practice is the realization that everything is interconnected and that deep learning must be holistic and reflective. When we care for our own health and well-being we create healing in the world. One of the foundational frameworks that informs my life is from the Earth Charter; it suggests that we must join together to create a sustainable global community based on the principles of: Respect for Nature, Universal Human Rights, Social and Economic Justice, and a Culture of Peace.
In 2020 I received the Provost teaching award for excellence in (Indigenous Ways of Being and Knowing). I recently completed a United Nations diploma at the University of Peace (Earth Charter Institute in Costa Rica) in Sustainability and Peace Studies. I am a permaculturist and a trained herbalist from both a Western and Indigenous perspective. I have been engaged in Indigenous ceremony for over 30 years and it has become a way of life for me and my family.  It has been a great joy to spend time with Elders that have shared their wisdom teachings. I am dedicated to the truth of oneness and the unity that exists between all things. The earth is but one country and we are all related as one human family.

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Harriet Nwyfre Sams
Harrriet Sams works as a tutor and mentor for the Tariki Trust Ten Directions in Ecotherapy Training. A druid with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and a PhD researcher in archeotherapy, she is a published short story author, podcaster, public speaker, Board member of the ecospirituality charity “Radical Joy for Hard Times and an Animist Druid guide. She co-facilitates “Through the Door workshops” for the Climate Psychology Alliance, and "deep listening"circles for Deep Adaptation and for OBOD .

Harriet says:  
“I am a Quaker Druid, and I have taken Refuge in the Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist lineage Spirituality and received wisdom from lineages that encourage Earth connection, and informs all the work I do in the world. I receive their teachings with deep gratitude.  I am learning to become a companion species, one of the world's creatures, becoming-with other beings as co-inhabitor.”

Harriet’s Organization, Nwyfre is all about re-immersion into the deep connection that westernized culture has lost.  Nwyfre merges threads to assist participants to deepen back into right relationship with Earth and to belong.

The Stars

Steve Breedlove

Steve Breedlove is a father, gardener, veteran and community organizer. He raises a family on a half acre of suburban fringe in California's Central Valley, designing for resilience in a changing world. He received a Permaculture Design Certificate from Practical Permaculture in 2017. Currently, he is student in Earth Activist Training's Regenerative Land Management program, where he is also a teaching assistant.

Steve grew up in the California Gold Country, controls air traffic and holds degrees in History and Peacekeeping. His studies opened his eyes to fossil energy and the systemic weaknesses underlying industrial societies. Subsequently, he discovered permaculture and has since determined it to be the only viable strategy to transition to a peaceful postcarbon society. He received a PDC from Practical Permaculture in 2017. He hopes to integrate permaculture design and radical ecology into a coherent political philosophy, while propagating “abundance through design” as a strategic goal of social movements.


ORDER of the OAK
Conference Team

Hosts of the Conference


Stuart Jeffrey has been a Druid for nearly 30 years and he currently convenes the Order of the Oak. He is an activist and an elected politician with his deep connection to the sacred Earth running through both. He lives in Britain in the land of the Cantiaci where he loves to walk on the North Downs and along the River Medway.


Stuart has been involved in the green movement all his adult life. Having worked in healthcare as a nurse, then a manager and then 10 years on NHS boards as an executive director, he has also developed his green credentials outside of his day job, setting up organizations, speaking to schools and groups on sustainability and getting involved in green politics.

NHS Executive Director (Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust 2010-2016 and Medway CCG 2016 to 2020)
NHS Manager (2000-2010)
Registered nurse (1992-2003)
Climate speaker (2010 – )
Management Consultant (2008 – )
Honorary / visiting lecturer in NHS management studies at University of Greenwich (2007-2009)
Druid: Full member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
National Policy Development Coordinator for the Green Party (2012 – 2014)
Green Party Executive Committee (2012 – 2014)
National Spokesperson on Health for the Green Party (2007 – 2012)
Founder of Sustainable Maidstone (2006 – 2010)
Chair of Pagan Aid (2018 – )
MSc (Health Research)
PG Dip Management
Qualified Nurse: BSc (Nursing Studies)

For more information about me, visit my personal blog.


Mari Fix McEwen

Mari Fix McEwen is the daughter of Carolyn & granddaughter of Beatrice Ewing, from lineage Clan Ewing of hamlet Kilfinan in Alba (Scotland). Clan Ewing is of the Yew Tree, the world tree of everlasting life and death.  Her Grandfather is Henry Young. Her patralineal line is Clan Wasson (Beatrice) and Fix, father Jack, son of Jake. Currently residing in Los Angeles in the Kavitian, Chumash and Topanga tribal areas, she was recognized as an Elder by Peruvian Elder and Maestro Hermano Vidal and his counsel of Peruvian Elders in 2015 and was given the task to bring her People back to their roots.  She has spent years studying with 3 indigenous and 3 Pagan medicine lineages and was an active dancer with an indigenous Danza group from Mexico.  She is also a direct apprentice of Taoist Master Ching Fung Dao Shr and a Tai Chi Student in the lineage of Grand Master Kai Ying Tung.

A Ceremonialist, Ordained Minister and Alternative Medicine Practitioner of various energetic modalities, she has been facilitating Sound Healing journeys since 1991 & spiritual workshops since 2015.  She holds Certifications from various Universities in Therapeutic Arts, Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Irish Mythology, Celtic and Scottish Studies, Stonehenge, Star Carr Archeology, Magic and the Middle Ages, the Book of Kells, the Norse Sagas, Ancient Greek Medicine, Archeoastronomy, Ancient Architecture and Archeology.

As a sitting Grandmother, circle co-facilitator and Counsel member with the Indigenous Women / Grandmothers of Europe, she is representing Folk Scotland as well as supporting Indigenous Women of Europe Overseas, to revive their roots, connect to nature and honor the ways of Spirit. She is dedicated to unify with our other relatives to create healing, understanding, solidarity, balance and connection.

Founder, Initiator and Facilitator of the Ancestors of the 4 Directions and the OOWS, she is a member and active participant of these organizations: Order of the Oak, Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids UK,  Celestial Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (Southern California),

Romuva-Siaures Amerika, Four Worlds Foundation with Chief Phil Lane, Tiyoshape Spiritual Family with *Chief Rueben George, Four Worlds Women’s Talking Circle with Joan Henry, and a member of the Circle of Friends. She is a facilitator with associate Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh Elder Patricia Anne Davis of the “Indigenous Change Process, ” and dedicated to extricating the out of balance condition within herself and humanity for the good of all.

Conference Branch Team
& other Contributors *

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Travis Elieas

Anne Patterson

Barry Patterson

David Ledger


Cynthia Klatte Cunningham, A4D *

ingrid Fortmeyer, Tech with Sine Network *



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